DS4Windows Free Download

DS4Windows Free Download

DS4 Windows is a free program that effortlessly connects Sony DualShock four handheld controllers to Microsoft Windows PC operating systems. Created by Jays2Kings in DS4Windows the game application software allows users to connect PlayStation four console controllers to PCs via cables or wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The users will require to have their PS4 portable device and the micro-USB cable for charging, as well as the freeware.

Can I use DS4 on PC?

DS4 Windows is exclusively designed specifically for Windows PC operating systems. Furthermore this application was designed exclusively for DualShock 4 consoles. The application is accessible in various language packs: English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese and more.

Although the console models the application works with are not extensive but the software is able to alter to the computer system so as to permit users to use the PS4 controller to function as a second portable controller which is that of the Xbox joystick. If users have both PC as well as PS4 devices, they could get an online controller piece.

How do link to connect my DS4 controller on my computer?

After DS4 Windows has been downloaded and installed, connect the handheld tool to the computer with the micro-USB connector; it is the exact one that is used for charging the device and was included in the official kit for the console controller that was bought.

Start the application and within your user’s interface you’ll find an option bar with Controllers’, Profiles’ and Auto Profiles Settings as well as Log tabs. When you connect the USB cable DualShock 4 will be able to connect. DualShock 4 equipment will instantly be visible in the ‘Controllers’ section.

How do I connect my DS4 to my PC using Bluetooth?

Furthermore to that, members of DS4 Windows community can link the console’s portable device to the computer via Bluetooth connections. To wirelessly connect the two devices visit your Windows search bar that is located within the lower bar of icons that appears on your desktop. Find Bluetooth and then click on the Bluetooth and other devices window. Scroll through settings and unplug the wireless controllers that are connected to the network already.Get into Pc Official Website provides DS4Windows Full Version For Free.


Keep your DualShock 4 and press down the gentle left button close to the touchpad as well as it’s Windows launch button below on the touchpad simultaneously for about three to five minutes until the lighting on the front of the controller is lit up with a strobe sequence. Return to the Windows Bluetooth settings window and choose the first option ‘ Add Bluetooth or other devices’.

Select ‘Bluetooth’ within the window that appears. It’s a ‘ Wireless Controller will appear when the device is in pairing mode and you click on the console that is synced to the handheld. Launch the DS4 Windows framework in which the PS4 device is displayed in” Controllers’ tab.

If you play with either cable or Bluetooth connections, players may encounter input delays in their games that affects the speed at which they react. Based on reviews from players there are some players who have lower reaction time in both wireless and wired connection.

The reason for the delay in wireless is more rational since there isn’t a physical connection; however it is true that there is a physical link. However, the Sony PlayStation 4 joystick was designed to be wireless and this results in working properly with Bluetooth. Thus, the cable could cause instability. You can play with the Bluetooth sync to feel comfortable. Use the cables when the experience is slowed by input delay.

Play PC games using joysticks

DS4 Windows allows people to obtain the DualShock 4 console pieces to be compatible with Windows PCs. The user can decide to connect their controller via cables or a Bluetooth adapter. The choice is based on the extent to which users prefer to manage their comfort level or playability since the choice for wired or wireless connectivity has input delay consequences.

Although the team that develops DS4 Windows is limited, there are regular updates available to the public. Alongside the installation of the DS4 Windows program, consumers also download the DS4updater as the system will automatically update the program. Users can go to the official web website to learn more about what updates are available as well as the specific program requirements like Microsoft, Bluetooth, etc.

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