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DS4Windows Free Download

DS4Windows Free Download

DS4 Windows is a free program that effortlessly connects Sony DualShock four handheld controllers to Microsoft Windows PC operating systems. Created by Jays2Kings in DS4Windows the game application software allows users to connect PlayStation four console controllers to PCs via cables or wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The users will require to have their PS4 portable device and the micro-USB cable for charging, as well as the freeware.

Can I use DS4 on PC?

DS4 Windows is exclusively designed specifically for Windows PC operating systems. Furthermore this application was designed exclusively for DualShock 4 consoles. The application is accessible in various language packs: English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese and more.

Although the console models the application works with are not extensive but the software is able to alter to the computer system so as to permit users to use the PS4 controller to function as a second portable controller which is that of the Xbox joystick. If users have both PC as well as PS4 devices, they could get an online controller piece.

How do link to connect my DS4 controller on my computer?

After DS4 Windows has been downloaded and installed, connect the handheld tool to the computer with the micro-USB connector; it is the exact one that is used for charging the device and was included in the official kit for the console controller that was bought.

Start the application and within your user’s interface you’ll find an option bar with Controllers’, Profiles’ and Auto Profiles Settings as well as Log tabs. When you connect the USB cable DualShock 4 will be able to connect. DualShock 4 equipment will instantly be visible in the ‘Controllers’ section.

How do I connect my DS4 to my PC using Bluetooth?

Furthermore to that, members of DS4 Windows community can link the console’s portable device to the computer via Bluetooth connections. To wirelessly connect the two devices visit your Windows search bar that is located within the lower bar of icons that appears on your desktop. Find Bluetooth and then click on the Bluetooth and other devices window. Scroll through settings and unplug the wireless controllers that are connected to the network already.Get into Pc Official Website provides DS4Windows Full Version For Free.


Keep your DualShock 4 and press down the gentle left button close to the touchpad as well as it’s Windows launch button below on the touchpad simultaneously for about three to five minutes until the lighting on the front of the controller is lit up with a strobe sequence. Return to the Windows Bluetooth settings window and choose the first option ‘ Add Bluetooth or other devices’.

Select ‘Bluetooth’ within the window that appears. It’s a ‘ Wireless Controller will appear when the device is in pairing mode and you click on the console that is synced to the handheld. Launch the DS4 Windows framework in which the PS4 device is displayed in” Controllers’ tab.

If you play with either cable or Bluetooth connections, players may encounter input delays in their games that affects the speed at which they react. Based on reviews from players there are some players who have lower reaction time in both wireless and wired connection.

The reason for the delay in wireless is more rational since there isn’t a physical connection; however it is true that there is a physical link. However, the Sony PlayStation 4 joystick was designed to be wireless and this results in working properly with Bluetooth. Thus, the cable could cause instability. You can play with the Bluetooth sync to feel comfortable. Use the cables when the experience is slowed by input delay.

Play PC games using joysticks

DS4 Windows allows people to obtain the DualShock 4 console pieces to be compatible with Windows PCs. The user can decide to connect their controller via cables or a Bluetooth adapter. The choice is based on the extent to which users prefer to manage their comfort level or playability since the choice for wired or wireless connectivity has input delay consequences.

Although the team that develops DS4 Windows is limited, there are regular updates available to the public. Alongside the installation of the DS4 Windows program, consumers also download the DS4updater as the system will automatically update the program. Users can go to the official web website to learn more about what updates are available as well as the specific program requirements like Microsoft, Bluetooth, etc.

iMessage on PC – Download iMessage for PC, Mac, and Windows

iMessage on PC – Download iMessage for PC, Mac, and Windows

IMessage on PC can be actually a messaging app to get iPhone it does not Ask paying any service penalties. Entire Guide of imessage download for pc , Mac, and Windows 10. IMessage around PC has become on the list of most highly rated and popular applications in the world of technology now. Where the technological world is dominated by both computers and mobile phones, iOS has always come with native approaches and astonishing methods to establish something fresh into the ease of this clientele.
One radical Theory was the launch of some other application- iMessage to get PC that’s supplied plenty of requirements and features to its users who comprises an app store, temperate browser and thus on, etc..

Earlier this, only Traditional applications had been accessible for the users. In addition, there is a dilemma of significance at an atmosphere that people necessary to pay much and buy those apps only to make use of those apps. Now, however, we have still another latest application, iMessage to get PC which deals with all the drawbacks which we’d been coping with formerly and comprises modern thoughts containing multiple brand new features. If an individual comes with an iOS device, you then may also utilize iMessage on the web. IMessage provides you with all newest iMessage games in iPhone and Windows PC.

iMessage on PC

What is iMessage about PC? You Have to Know About

IMessage on PC can be actually a messaging app to get iPhone it will not ask you for committing some other service penalties. You will run this app simultaneously, employing the messaging app to get your own iPhone.

IMessage for Mac provides Us with fantastic features like sharing effects, websites, group chat, etc. which are absent from the listing of traditional app features.

Here we now presume about rather easy steps which you’re in a position to follow along within the event that you may really like to download iMessage onto PC.

  • Begin your apple Mac and switch on your Windows PC.
  • Download Chrome remote desktop on a windows computer.
  • The moment you download the extension, it’s likely to begin.
  • Download and set up Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  • Practice the written guidelines farther, and you’ll come across a code.
  • Finally, You May Be Able to Use iMessage on Windows PC.

Still Another way to download iMessage to PC — iPadian Emulator Way

IMessage can be definitely an iOS app. There isn’t any variation designed for your own Android and windows. Ergo, an individual has to download iOS simulator beforehand. The very elastic version of I pad simulator is iPadian. It appears like iOS and a nearly equally appearance. In addition, it supplies inbuilt feature features of iOS, as an instance, Siri, iMessage, and also far more.

  • You will download the emulator from the link.
  • The moment you install iPadian, abide by the below-mentioned steps.
  • You’ll want to double-click the extension record that you can take in your own computer.
  • After the installation process, run on the emulator.
  • Prepare the emulator after completing specific activities.
  • Last, search iMessage to get a PC from the hunt bar and launch it.

Wish to Master about iMessage For Android, click on the following link. Click on the iMessage matches for I pad here.

Top Best Portable Monitor For Travelling

Top Best Portable Monitor For Travelling

Working From the laptop can be a nightmare. Particularly if it’s really little (they call them ultra-portable!) — you can not even divide a screen correctly without needing to go into the eye doctor for eyeglasses! And switching between tabs and computers? Do not get me started.So, If you’re frustrated working on the move (like me) then you’re in for a treat. I’ve spent a few (or more) hours searching for the very best portable monitors to generate your own life and work on the move oh so much simpler.First, I will show you exactly what makes a best portable monitor, then we will have a look at the top ones which are now available (in 2018).There Are a couple things you wish in a best portable monitor . So, let us break it down to help you create the best buying decision.

Size (Well, duh!)

First Importantly, it ought to be big enough so you are able to get the job done correctly. Particularly in the event that you have a 11″ or a 13″ laptop — you are going to want to obtain a monitor that’s bigger than that. Otherwise, what is the point, right?Maintain In mind that although larger is better, in addition, it must be portable. Have a think about the type of bag, backpack or handbag you will be carrying it about in. What size laptop can that match for example? No idea? Take a look at the product page in the manufacturer and search for the inner length/width or some other mention of laptop sizes. Worst case, send them an email address.

Best Portable Monitor

Top Best Portable Monitor

ASUS MB169B (Best Portable Monitor in 2019 ):

Since ASUS Company has Attracted great portable monitors to the market so the place of the very best product has to be in 1st place. ASUS MB169B is the updated version of ASUS MB168, therefore it’s evident that specifications of the finest portable monitor has to be advanced also.

Up until today, the ASUS Has introduced the USB best portable monitor at the resolution of 1366×768 pixels, but MB169B has 1920×1080 pixels. It supplies you best and essential features at a reasonable price.


ASUS MB169B is your 15.6-inch portable Screen to get a laptop which demands no high power because of its own functioning. Even though it works really low with all the broad viewing angle nevertheless supplies the best functionality from the response timings along with different peripherals. Design, features, and functionality in detail can make your head clear about its specifications and qualities so you will find it simple to purchase. It includes a wise case, support CD, guide and 3.0 USB cable connected to the box together with the monitor.

ASUS MB168B (15.6 ASUS USB Monitor):

ASUS MB168B 15.6 USB Monitor Review 2019 upgraded:

The 2nd best which comes from the listing is ASUS Portable monitor MB168 15.6″ WXGA 1366×768 USB Powered Monitor.

It’s an HD portable monitor, and The best thing is that it requires only one USB Cable for both power and data transmission.

MB168B includes ASUS EzLink tech which offloads Images processing in the PC to dedicated hardware at the portable monitor. Because of this, your laptop can drive as many as five MB168B monitors in precisely the exact same time, irrespective of its graphics capacity provided it merely needs adequate USB ports. EzLink additionally automatically deletes program window places because MB168B is connected and disconnected, and then moves the picture between landscape and portrait modes, as demanded .
It’s a pair of exemplary attributes, let us take a peek at these

Having a slender 8mm (0.3-inch) profile and tipping the scales at Only 800g (1.76 lbs ), this Ultra sleek and trendy 15.6″ portable monitor provides up To some 1366 x 768 HD resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio so that you may really have a crisp, Clear image. It weighs approximately 2.6 pounds and measures 15.25 x 10.75 x 0.7 inches, So you can take it with very ease on your laptop bag when You’re going Everywhere without being bothered by it.

Best indoor grill for an indoor family cookout session

Best indoor grill for an indoor family cookout session

Family cookout sessions are the best. All the family gathered in one place, talking and eating delicious BBQ and burgers. While usually, the women take up the responsibility of the food part of these family get together, a grilling session is the one time when the women chill out and all the men take up the cooking. But a meetup like this is difficult in the winter as the cold wind makes it really difficult to stand outside in front of the grill cooking. Takes the fun out of grilling!.Get best indoor grill from

Best Indoor Grill

That is until I found a solution: Indoor Electic Grills! Our family meetups got a lot more frequent after I discovered this amazing piece of technology, especially in the winter. Now we have grilling sessions all year round, no matter what the weather, and we can now host these sessions at my cousin’s house too who lives in a flat and has no patio.

But there a lot of electric grills to go around so I’ve found two that are absolutely perfect in every way!

T-fal GC70 OptiGrill Electric Grill

We’re a close-knit family and one that loves to eat together. You know what they say, a family that eats together, stays together. All summers long, every weekend we gather and one family members house to indoor grill some steaks and burgers and just have a great family get together. We cherish these moments and love grilled food, but sadly we don’t have a lot of these grilling sessions in the winter because no one dares to grill outside in the cold weather.

indoor grill

That is until we found this perfect solution. I haven’t really trusted indoor grills before plus the risk of lighting the place on fire, but this one is really doing wonders for us. Not only is this electric but it also comes with a lot of nifty features that help us cook faster: Such as the automated cooking programs that start cooking with just the click of a button!

Thanks to this great piece of technology, our family sessions now happen all year round, and truth be told, they are much more fun in the winters anyway! One last thing, since it’s small in size and easy to carry around, we can take this anywhere, that has electricity that is, and have the same food with little to no work.


  • Comes in two serving sizes: 4 and 8
  • Automated cooking programs such as Sandwich, Burgers, Chicken, etc
  • Indicators and beeps to monitor the cooking
  • Cooking modes for both frozen and unfrozen food
  • Non-stick, dishwasher safe plate


  • You don’t have to constantly keep an eye on the indoor grill as the indicators let you know of the status of your food
  • A lot of the manual stuff (like preheating) is automated, so setup takes less time


  • Takes a little longer with meat with bones
  • The settings are a bit difficult to understand at first

Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill

With all that’s happening in the word, I’m personally worried about what will happen to our plant. Every day we can see the effects that pollution has on the environment and how it’s slowly killing off our planet. I’ve since changed my habits and gone to using cars that have fewer emission rates and grow plants in my house too. But there’s one issue: I love food and some of the most delicious foods are grilled which means a lot of smoke! I can’t help but feeling guilt while eating some delicious BBQ.

Now I’ve tried going electric before: ruins the taste. I’ve also tried steam frying them, but again, the taste is not the same. The tender and juicy taste I like in my meat can only come from smoke, or that is what I thought before I tied this Smoke-less BBQ indoor Grill by Philips.

This amazing electric and smoke-less indoor grill has made life so much easier. For starters, no smoke means no harm to the environment, which means guilt free BBQ sessions. It’s also so easy to use anyone can make delicious BBQ in 10 minutes flat. It takes just one minute to set up and comes in such a compact size that I can take it to my mate’s house and cook some delicious BBQ there while we game on his Xbox. Now that’s how I like my BBQ: Delicious, juicy and environment safe!


  • Special heat guidance system for optimal cooking
  • Auto adjusts heat to the atmosphere
  • Separates grease from the meat automatically
  • Optional cleaning kit
  • One-minute setup
  • Non-slip feet


  • Easy wipe clean. Ready to use again in just a few minutes
  • Bottom plate stays cold so no smoke
  • Compact size making it easy to carry


  • A bit small for large steak pieces
  • Does not allow adjusting of heat
Bad Ice Cream 3 : Best Game To Play

Bad Ice Cream 3 : Best Game To Play

The Bad Ice Cream game series dates back to 2010 when the first edition of the game was released in December 2010. Nitrome Touchy then released the second edition of the game i.e. Bad Ice Cream 2 in December 2012 and followed it up by releasing Bad Ice Cream 3 in 2013. The last edition of the game has been hit amongst people and like the other two versions, it focuses on collecting fruits and smashing goblins on the way to glory.

The Bad Ice Cream 3 game can be played from by up to 4 players at a time. The players need to break ice blocks in order to move forward in the game. During the way forward, the players can eat fruits that are available in order to gain energy. The more fruits that the players will consume, the more power they will get which will help them to overcome the obstacles and complete the game.

The Bad Ice Cream 3 game contains different obstacles and enemies that you need to overcome and defeat in order to move forward. The enemies that the players can encounter in the game include different predators and monsters that are wandering in the mazes. The best counter for these enemies is to build a fence around yourself so that you don’t get killed. The fence will help you to save your energy so that you get a good time to fight against these predators in the game.

Bad Ice Cream 3

Characters in Bad Ice Cream 3

There are different ice cream characters that are available in the Bad Ice Cream 3 game. You can select any of the characters that you want. The available characters in the game include Strawberry, Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Vanilla, Sorbet, Mint Choc-Chip, and others. During the game, a player can select one character which then cannot be changed during the game. The character can only be changed once the game starts all over again.

Game Play

The Bad Ice Cream 3 has simple game controls through which you can play the game. The game can either be played with the help of arrow keys to move forward, backward, left, or right. Apart from the use of arrow keys, you can also use the AWSD keys to move your character in different directions. In order to smash and break the ice block, you will need to move forward and press the spacebar to smash these ice blocks.

Bad Ice Cream 3 contains more than 40 levels that you need to clear in order to be declared as a winner. The game can be played on your Android devices after downloading it from the Play Store. For a better experience, it is recommended that one should play the game in full screen. The game would require flash to run as it has been the case with all Nitrome games. Apart from playing the game on your Android devices, you can also play the game online on different websites.

Driverpack Solution Online Download Full Version

Driverpack Solution Online Download Full Version

If you think that your windows pc setup is not benefitting you the way it should, then there’s a possibility that the drivers are to blame. But while you might get alerts if a larger part (like the graphics card) is outdated, smaller components may languish with the old driver. That’s where the Driverpack Solution Online comes really handy.

Driverpack Solution Online

The Driverpack Solution is an amazing program that can automatically and instantly updates all of the windows system drivers for free. If you’re a user of Windows, you acquaint how hard it can be to keep all of the drivers updated on your accord. It’s been an issue for many people, and that’s why they frequently look for good quality software pack that can automatically update all of the drivers. It guarantees that the Windows program is working to the best of its capability and is not gonna encounter speed problems as a result. One of such best programs available that can automatically update all of the Windows operating system drivers are recognized as Driverpack Solution Online.Learn about Installing Latest Graphic Cards Drivers because if you are trying to play games then graphic card drivers are nessacary

Driverpack Solution Online

Advantages Of Utilizing Driverpack Solution Online

No one will install any program on the computer without knowing its advantages or owing to some urgent need. So let’s take a glance at a few of the benefits which you can have by utilizing the Driverpack Solution Online.

  • The latest full version of this program is very simple to use. The interface of the program is very simple that even a layman can get used to it in no time. You only have to download and open the installer on your device and leave the remaining job to the program.
  • It updates the drivers automatically when need for the devices. Besides, it also supports no-prompt, automated installations.
  • You can download several drivers at the same time.
  • The downloading of the required drivers is very fast and takes very little time as compared to the customary download of the drivers.
  • If you download the offline version of the Driverpack Solution Online, you can stay up-to-date with the latest drivers even when you don’t have any internet connection.

Installation Process Of Driverpack Solution Online :

The installation process of the application should only take 2-3 minutes and might even be utilized whenever you are not online. The internet version of Driverpack Solution Online is also available which it’s possible to use if you don’t want to download it to the system. You are capable of automatically stopping by the website to start utilizing this software as frequently as you desire. It can surely save you a great deal of time and hassle.

There is nothing worse than discovering that you have problems with the drivers because they were not kept as up-to-date as they should be. Rather than dealing with such problems, be sure to download the Driverpack Solutions and start utilizing it so as to benefit from the features it can offer along with the computer.

Lifeline Whiteout APK Full Mod For Android

Lifeline Whiteout APK Full Mod For Android

All alone in the ice without any memory how you got there, your only hope is communication. In this adventure survival game, you will have to make effective and intelligent decisions to come back to safety and get your memory back. The difficulty level depends on your decision making. It means that if you make good decisions, the game will become easy for you to play but if you make stupid decisions, then the survival chances will drop. You can download the lifeline whiteout APK mania easily. Once you have finished a story in this lifeline whiteout full mod APK, you can start again with a new story.

Download Here

Lifeline Whiteout APK Overview:

When the game starts, you will find yourself in the wasteland covered with ice. You do not have any idea how you got there, and also you don’t remember anything as you have lost your memory. It is an amazing adventure and survival game. So you will have to guide yourself to get your identity back. And for that communication is your last hope. The difficulty of the game depends completely on your decision making power. If you make effective and good decisions, the game will become easy for you.

Lifeline Whiteout APK

Once you have finished the story, you can hit the start again button, and a new story will begin waiting for you to finish it as well. In this game, there is a character named V. Adams. If you don’t have any internet connectivity then no need to worry as you can also play it offline. The sounds and the graphics of the lifeline whiteout game are amazing and praiseworthy. You can play this game on any of your Android devices.

Lifeline Whiteout APK Features:

After downloading the lifeline whiteout, you will experience the following features:

  • Amazing adventure game.
  • You will find yourself all alone in an ice-covered wasteland.
  • You have to get your identity back.
  • Final hope is just communication.
  • Play again mode carries another story.
  • Difficulty level rides in your decision making.
  • No need for the internet connection.
  • Introduced character V Adams.

In the lifeline whiteout APK, your responsibility is to get the player to safety and get your memory back as you don’t remember anything. And for all that you only have one way, communication. If you communicate well and take good decisions, you can get yourself out of this terrible place.

iPhone 9 – everything you need to know

iPhone 9 – everything you need to know

2020 is going to be an awesome year. Amidst predictions of self-driving cars and flying cars and even synthetic brains, one prediction that has a very good chance of coming true is that of the iPhones flagship phone of the year- iPhone 9.  Yes, we know it’s too early to say anything about iPhone 9 with iPhone 8 being only in the initial stages of development, and still being a rumor, but in comparison to synthetic brains that will function like a human computer, predictions about iPhone 9 are quite a reliable one. And we have our hopes high with this one and why shouldn’t we get our hopes high, after all, with rumors flying about how it will be one of its kind with a bendable screen, transparent display and holograms and all that, it’s quite natural for us tech enthusiasts. So much in a single smart phone! It’s definitely going to be the smart phone of the future. And oh how we are looking forward to it! These three years are going to be a long-long time. Someone, please teach me how to time travel. Please.

Most of what we know is mere assumptions and based on rumors flowing throughout the internet. We are not saying that we are a hundred percent sure, but definitely very high chances are there that you will see 2020 flagship iPhone with all these features. Apple is known for releasing its flagship phones every year in two variants. This year, for example, we had the recently launched iPhone 7 and are eagerly waiting for its variant iPhone 7S to be released in September of this year, similarly, we are expecting iPhone 8 and its variant iPhone 8S in the year 2018 and 2019. So, naturally, we expect iPhone 9 and its variant iPhone 9S to be launched in the year 2020. So while we wait for the most awaited the year 2020, let’s have a look at what we are expecting out of our future phone iPhone 9.

iPhone 9 display:

With the recent launch of apple’s iPhone 7, it is evident that Apple will not increase its display size anytime soon. It is also to note that increasing the display size to more than 6.5 would land the phone in the tablet category which, of course, Apple wouldn’t want. So from apple’s iPhone 9, we are expecting a screen display of 5.5 inches with a variant that might go up to 6 inches, not more than that. With paper thin OLED screens this will be a revolutionary phone and most probably the first smart phone which can bend. Yes, you heard that right, a bendable display is awaiting you in the near future. So you can bend it like Beckham the way it suits you, undoubtedly the most flexible phone ever!

Apple is known for its innovations and we are sure the design for apple’s iPhone 9 is going to be very innovative and stunning. iPhone 9 will most probably have more screen to body ratio and curved edges. It may feature the popular AMOLED display with an ultra slim screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels or probably more than that.

Recent rumors cue that we might even get a completely bezel-less display with a curved body which would fit perfectly in your palm. Apple is currently working on this idea of having more screen to body ratio and is planning to go completely bezel-less! It won’t even have the classic home button and would be devoid of any bezels. Moreover, by 2020 Apple is planning on bringing back the glass body which we have earlier seen in iPhone 4, the difference being back then, glass body was more vulnerable than being beautiful. It could easily be cracked or damaged with a single hit, but now that we have excellent technology the glass body will build strong and sturdy. Making sure it’s durable and not just beautiful to look at kept safely in the display at your home. Some sources suggest that Apple is going to use Graphene in their 2020’s flagship smart phone iPhone 9. Now, Graphene is a carbon component which is basically derived from the allotrope of carbon, graphite. It is the thinnest substance known to man, and also quite durable. It is also a good conductor of electricity as we all know graphite is. This material has the potential to make light, flexible, thin and sturdy display screens. It also helps in managing heat and conducting properties besides reinforcing screen’s strength.

The glass screen will be both hydrophobic and oleophobic, which means not only your phone would be waterproof but it would also repel oil, dust, and dirt off the screen. These screens will keep those nasty fingerprints at bay as oleophobic coating helps repel the natural oil that our skin secretes when touching the screen. The glass will be ion-strengthened in which the strength of the glass is increased manifolds by heating it and channelizing sodium-potassium transport within the glass. Sodium ions are exchanged with bigger potassium ions which owe the glass its incredible strength. So go swimming without worrying about damaging your phone, go crazy dancing like there’s no tomorrow, let your phone slid off a little because you know too well that your smart phone isn’t that easy to get damaged. iPhone 9 is going to be smart, flexible and strong. This is going to be one of its kind, practically magic.


The camera of iPhone is always a step ahead of all its rival smart phone brands. iPhone 7 came with superb front and back cameras. The front camera of iPhone 7 being 4MP while a 12MP back camera with amazing features like dual lenses and optical image stabilization made iPhone 7 much loved smart phone by the socially active people who love to capture even the smallest of moments. In the year 2020, we are expecting iPhone 9 to come with 14MP back camera and 8MP front camera! Now that’s something not only the socially active but everyone, in general, would love to have. Apple never compromises with its camera quality. iPhone 9 is definitely going to have the best of image quality; some rumors even say that the quality will be like a proper DSLR picture quality. It may also feature a light splitter digital camera which will basically have not one but three image sensors, a quality which currently only high-end video cameras have. So the colors are much more accurate and the image quality is superb. With optical image stabilization you can have super-resolution photos and can take photos even in nights or where there is low light, so it’s definitely a BIG YES for the night owls out there. Additionally, the camera will have phase detection autofocus, optical zoom, face detector or smile detector to capture your beautiful happy smile, geo-tagging so you can post your whereabouts and let the world know where you are, HDR effect and panorama as well. With dual lenses and great aperture, you will be able to capture a great picture effortlessly. It will also feature an Octa-LED flash with more than 50% light output. It may even have a dual flash for the front camera as well. With all these features and hopefully more, iPhone 9 is going to be the revolutionary phone of the year 2020. Every tech enthusiast is excited about it, and with features like these I think it is right to do so.

It is also highly expected that iPhone is going to improve augmented reality which would be better, rich and easy to access. It would be more accurate and customizable. It is predicted that by 2020 we might as well get to enable holography as well. Holograms are 3-D images formed when light beams coming from a coherent source, such as a laser, interferences. This is what we have been seeing in movies so far. Isn’t that just awesome? We are so excited about it!


Battery life has always been a concern for iPhone users. In the coming years, however, we will see some major developments in Apples iPhone’s battery life. New technologies like long range wireless charging will be enabled in Apples’ upcoming flagship phones. For wireless charging these days you have to place the iPhone on the charging mat, that is a short range of contact is necessary. But in upcoming years Apple is working on wireless charging that is long ranged of approximately 1 meter, using near-field magnetic resonance. It is also speculated that Apple may use lithium-air batteries for their next flagships smart phones. Lithium-air batteries offer as much as 5 times more battery lifetime than the lithium ion batteries used these days in many smart phones. So the capacity and the efficiency of batteries are expected to rise up. Motion charging is also on the row, this technology has been used in several watches up to now, rumor has it that Apple may include this technology in their smart phones as well. Motion charging uses mechanical energy from our body to charge up a battery, so running won’t just help you stay fit but also charge your phones.

Another technology that may be included in iPhone 9 is the solar charging technology. As the name suggests, this would include using the sun’s rays as a source for charging your phone. It’s good to know that Apple is using more environment- friendly technologies to enhance their smart phones. It is also rumored that Apple is working on super capacitor batteries that will charge in mere seconds and last for over a week. Now isn’t that something totally mind blowing?


Fingerprint sensors and iris sensors are rolling quite well in the tech market these days.  You can easily unlock your iPhone using your fingerprints because of the touch ID sensor. Since fingerprints are unique for a person and no two different people have the same fingerprints, except for identical twins, of course, this helps you to be the only person who can unlock your device. Iris scanner, however, is one step ahead of fingerprints. With this and face detection, your eyes and your face become your password, it’s almost as if your smart phone recognizes you when you look at it. this ensures your phone’s security and safety. This is also quite futuristic in its own way. We love iris scanners!

Apple has also designed a clever way of catching thieves. It uses biometric capture for any unauthorized activity on your phone. It will get easier to catch whoever tries to get away with your precious smart phone.

According to some rumors, Apple may also incorporate a feature in its smart phone that could detect a physical attack or accidents and call either assigned numbers or the local 999 numbers automatically. It uses a special hardware and software combination that allows emergency services to get activated on your iPhone. This will also use GPS to detect the location of the user. In this way, iPhone will act as a lifesaver and may prevent many casualties that may occur. Of course, there will be warnings in case a false alarm is set off. Like a prompt message or a timer which will allow the user to set it off.


People are thrilled with the 4G LTE, the speed it delivers and how effective it is, blows their mind. Now, what do you think would happen, if even a better version is released? Yes, you’re right, they will go crazy with excitement! We have been hearing all kinds of rumors from around the web about the introduction of 5G in the upcoming years. 5G will deliver faster internet connections, right now there are no standards for this, but a lot of companies including Apple and its biggest rival company Samsung are working on it. 5G will include improved features like reduced latency and faster transfer speeds.


Apple’s iPhone 9 is expected to come in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB variants with 4GB RAM which is a lot of memory in your hands. You can store loads of pictures, music, and videos in your phone and the phone will work perfectly fine without crashing. However, like every apple’s iPhones we are not expecting expandable memory, therefore no memory slot in the iPhone 9.

Processor and RAM:

With the recent launch of iPhone 7 with the A10 Fusion Dual-core processor, it is obvious that iPhone 8 will come out with the advanced A11 Quad core fusion processor, following the trend the apple’s 2020 flagship smart phone iPhone 9 is definitely going to have Octa core processor which is even better than the A10 dual core and A11 Quad core fusion processors that iPhone 7 just got launched with and iPhone 8 most probably will get in 2018. This will be an A12 Octa core processor, which means, it will deliver performance improvements and ensure a better, powerful and efficient phone in your hands. It will bring increased performance and efficient battery life as well. A better AR performance which will be accessible and efficient will be seen with these features.



The iPhone 9 may feature an improved version of Siri with better functionality. The virtual assistant is definitely going to be even better and smarter. Although details are not known about the exact improvements that Siri might feature, it is for sure that it will be more enhanced. We love Siri the way it is now, the ability to respond to even sarcastic remarks and jokes is something we love about Siri. With an even improved version, I sure Siri would be the only one we would want to talk to all day long.


iPhone 9 will feature stereo speakers just like iPhone 7 has. This year Apple launched iPhone 7 with stereo speakers on the top and on the bottom as well to enhance the stereo effect and improve a quality of the sound. iPhone 9 is going to follow suite and come with stereo speakers, one at the top and another one at the bottom as well as increased dynamic range. The sound quality would be better and more powerful than ever!

Slim body with no head phone jack:

Apple’s decision to get rid of head phone jack allowed the body to go slimmer than ever before and also boost its battery life. The headphone jack has been replaced with lightning port-based connectors which can easily plug in into the smart phone’s charging port. This has helped free a lot of space for other components and thereby also helped to boost the battery life.

Other features:

iPhone 9 will also have the classic necessities. Sensors like a compass, magnetometer, barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor and proximity sensors will be there. It will come in 5 colors just like this year’s flagship iPhone 7, including Jet Black, Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver.

According to multiple rumors, by 2020, iPhone 9 may come with a peculiar feature of self-healing screens. Researchers are reportedly working on a material that will have the potential to heal itself if damaged. This material will have a special chemical property where ions if torn apart, will be able to strongly attract each other via a special type of bond called ion-dipole interaction. This will be the first-ever material that will be conductive to electricity with self-healing properties. Now, this is definitely magical. Besides this, the phone will notify you if they are cracked. Now, umm how is that possible? That’s just absurd, right? Only that it isn’t. These phones will be able to detect any crack on the screen and notify the user about it. we don’t know what exactly is the method of assessing that, but we do know that it’s possible that you will get such features by 2020. Moreover, the screen will be able to absorb impacts because of a new visco-elastic material that Apple is currently working on. So, Apple is undoubtedly planning on making its smart phone the best you can ever ask for, it will be strong, efficient and durable.

iPhone 9 release date:

iPhone 7 just got launched in 2017, we are expecting its variant iPhone plus by September of the same. The next iteration, iPhone 8 will probably come between 2018 – 2019, iPhone 9 will most probably follow suit and launch the next iteration iPhone 9 in the year 2020. This is also because iPhone 9 is coming with many new innovative and exciting features that will take some time to develop. It is still early so say exactly when it will get released but the probability is that we will get to see it by 2020. Hoping that there would be no delays and supply shortages this is the best we can guess.


iPhone 9 price:

According to several rumors, iPhone 9 could be the most expensive smart phone that Apple would produce. And it isn’t surprising considering the facts that there are going to be several mind-blowing features like long range charging, OLED Display, A12 octa-core fusion processor, 3D touch, Holograms, self-healing screens and much more. Chances are that iPhone 9 will cross the $1000 dollar mark and go beyond it. The higher end model that is 256GB variant may even reach $1300! Now, we know that’s A LOT! But, e simply can’t ignore the fact that quality comes at a price.

These, however, are not the facts and largely based on rumors, so we may be wrong, but there is still a chance that we are not. Considering that there are multiple rumors stating the same and many rumors from trusted sources.

To conclude, 2020 is going to be an awesome year! And iPhone 9 an awesome smart phone.  Apple has always been a trendsetter and we just can’t wait for their 2020’s flagship phone – the iPhone 9.

Again, can somebody please teach me how to time travel? Anyone? We are dying to get even a glimpse of this stunning smart phone. Please subscribe, leave a comment and stay tuned for all the information regarding the specs, features and release dates of the latest smart phones.