Best indoor grill for an indoor family cookout session

Best indoor grill for an indoor family cookout session

Family cookout sessions are the best. All the family gathered in one place, talking and eating delicious BBQ and burgers. While usually, the women take up the responsibility of the food part of these family get together, a grilling session is the one time when the women chill out and all the men take up the cooking. But a meetup like this is difficult in the winter as the cold wind makes it really difficult to stand outside in front of the grill cooking. Takes the fun out of grilling!.Get best indoor grill from

Best Indoor Grill

That is until I found a solution: Indoor Electic Grills! Our family meetups got a lot more frequent after I discovered this amazing piece of technology, especially in the winter. Now we have grilling sessions all year round, no matter what the weather, and we can now host these sessions at my cousin’s house too who lives in a flat and has no patio.

But there a lot of electric grills to go around so I’ve found two that are absolutely perfect in every way!

T-fal GC70 OptiGrill Electric Grill

We’re a close-knit family and one that loves to eat together. You know what they say, a family that eats together, stays together. All summers long, every weekend we gather and one family members house to indoor grill some steaks and burgers and just have a great family get together. We cherish these moments and love grilled food, but sadly we don’t have a lot of these grilling sessions in the winter because no one dares to grill outside in the cold weather.

indoor grill

That is until we found this perfect solution. I haven’t really trusted indoor grills before plus the risk of lighting the place on fire, but this one is really doing wonders for us. Not only is this electric but it also comes with a lot of nifty features that help us cook faster: Such as the automated cooking programs that start cooking with just the click of a button!

Thanks to this great piece of technology, our family sessions now happen all year round, and truth be told, they are much more fun in the winters anyway! One last thing, since it’s small in size and easy to carry around, we can take this anywhere, that has electricity that is, and have the same food with little to no work.


  • Comes in two serving sizes: 4 and 8
  • Automated cooking programs such as Sandwich, Burgers, Chicken, etc
  • Indicators and beeps to monitor the cooking
  • Cooking modes for both frozen and unfrozen food
  • Non-stick, dishwasher safe plate


  • You don’t have to constantly keep an eye on the indoor grill as the indicators let you know of the status of your food
  • A lot of the manual stuff (like preheating) is automated, so setup takes less time


  • Takes a little longer with meat with bones
  • The settings are a bit difficult to understand at first

Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill

With all that’s happening in the word, I’m personally worried about what will happen to our plant. Every day we can see the effects that pollution has on the environment and how it’s slowly killing off our planet. I’ve since changed my habits and gone to using cars that have fewer emission rates and grow plants in my house too. But there’s one issue: I love food and some of the most delicious foods are grilled which means a lot of smoke! I can’t help but feeling guilt while eating some delicious BBQ.

Now I’ve tried going electric before: ruins the taste. I’ve also tried steam frying them, but again, the taste is not the same. The tender and juicy taste I like in my meat can only come from smoke, or that is what I thought before I tied this Smoke-less BBQ indoor Grill by Philips.

This amazing electric and smoke-less indoor grill has made life so much easier. For starters, no smoke means no harm to the environment, which means guilt free BBQ sessions. It’s also so easy to use anyone can make delicious BBQ in 10 minutes flat. It takes just one minute to set up and comes in such a compact size that I can take it to my mate’s house and cook some delicious BBQ there while we game on his Xbox. Now that’s how I like my BBQ: Delicious, juicy and environment safe!


  • Special heat guidance system for optimal cooking
  • Auto adjusts heat to the atmosphere
  • Separates grease from the meat automatically
  • Optional cleaning kit
  • One-minute setup
  • Non-slip feet


  • Easy wipe clean. Ready to use again in just a few minutes
  • Bottom plate stays cold so no smoke
  • Compact size making it easy to carry


  • A bit small for large steak pieces
  • Does not allow adjusting of heat
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