Bad Ice Cream 3 : Best Game To Play

Bad Ice Cream 3 : Best Game To Play

The Bad Ice Cream game series dates back to 2010 when the first edition of the game was released in December 2010. Nitrome Touchy then released the second edition of the game i.e. Bad Ice Cream 2 in December 2012 and followed it up by releasing Bad Ice Cream 3 in 2013. The last edition of the game has been hit amongst people and like the other two versions, it focuses on collecting fruits and smashing goblins on the way to glory.

The Bad Ice Cream 3 game can be played from by up to 4 players at a time. The players need to break ice blocks in order to move forward in the game. During the way forward, the players can eat fruits that are available in order to gain energy. The more fruits that the players will consume, the more power they will get which will help them to overcome the obstacles and complete the game.

The Bad Ice Cream 3 game contains different obstacles and enemies that you need to overcome and defeat in order to move forward. The enemies that the players can encounter in the game include different predators and monsters that are wandering in the mazes. The best counter for these enemies is to build a fence around yourself so that you don’t get killed. The fence will help you to save your energy so that you get a good time to fight against these predators in the game.

Bad Ice Cream 3

Characters in Bad Ice Cream 3

There are different ice cream characters that are available in the Bad Ice Cream 3 game. You can select any of the characters that you want. The available characters in the game include Strawberry, Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Vanilla, Sorbet, Mint Choc-Chip, and others. During the game, a player can select one character which then cannot be changed during the game. The character can only be changed once the game starts all over again.

Game Play

The Bad Ice Cream 3 has simple game controls through which you can play the game. The game can either be played with the help of arrow keys to move forward, backward, left, or right. Apart from the use of arrow keys, you can also use the AWSD keys to move your character in different directions. In order to smash and break the ice block, you will need to move forward and press the spacebar to smash these ice blocks.

Bad Ice Cream 3 contains more than 40 levels that you need to clear in order to be declared as a winner. The game can be played on your Android devices after downloading it from the Play Store. For a better experience, it is recommended that one should play the game in full screen. The game would require flash to run as it has been the case with all Nitrome games. Apart from playing the game on your Android devices, you can also play the game online on different websites.

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